4 Legs and 2 Wings


So very soon after the cotton balls were found in my lungs, I started to feel bad.  I mean I would still chase my favourite balls but sometimes it made me cough.  Breathing felt like there was someone sitting on my chest.

But I'm still a doo.

And I still wanted to smile for my humans.  I wanted to chase my ball when my humans threw it, even if it was a bit hard... just so they knew I'm still a doo.  All I want is for my humans to be happy.

In the end, I was in my gramma's garden.  I had my first big juicy steak all to myself and spit out the mushrooms (yuck).  My papa, mama and auntie Rachel laid on a blanket and I laid on my bed.  They stroked me to sleep while we listened to music.  Mama read me her poem, "My Promise to Lola".  Everyone was happy and at peace.  Angel Vet came and I greeted him.  He gave me some juice that made me very sleepy but I stood tall.  Because I promised mama I wouldn't leave.  I promised.  I looked up at the stars and saw my star, my Heaven, a place where I could still watch over my humans, to make sure they are all ok, to make sure they still remember all the things I taught them.

I stood tall for a long time but felt so sleepy.  Mama, papa and auntie Rachel told me it was ok to go.  I could go. I could go...

...I'm four legged again.  But now I also have 2 wings.

And I have some special things to say to my humans, from above...

And for those reading from Bone Cancer Dogs or Tripawds, please don't be discouraged.  The last months of my life were the best.  I spent time with everyone I loved, I taught my humans what I wanted to teach them.  Fight with your doggies, learn about life from them, live every moment, love every moment.  Kiss us lots.  And when it's time, it's ok to tell your doggies that is ok, it's ok to "come away with me in the night".

Click paws to view.

For my Papa.

For my Mama.

More to come.  I'm busy running in the fields and playing on the beach, you know.