~ by Jack Johnson
I've got an Angel.
She doesn't wear any wings.

She wears a heart that can melt my own.
She wears a smile that can make me
Wanna sing.

She gives me presents
With her presence alone.
She gives me everything I could wish for.
She gives me kisses on the lips
Just for coming home.

Mama, Please Remember What I Taught You

Mama, please remember what I taught you.  You told me you would.  It's true, a doo can teach a lot to a mama.

I'm sorry I left mama.  I know you made me promise that I wouldn't leave and that you'd live life more simply and be the person I think you are, if only I would stay.  In my eyes, you will always be that person.

I tried to stay, mama.  That last moment when I felt so sleepy.  Like I promised, I tried.  But I couldn't stay, mama.  I had to go.  And you told me I could go and be free.  But I know that you will remember what I taught you, remember your promises to me, because I'm not gone.

Mama, remember to live life more simply.  Remember that there are more important things in life.  Like family and friends and doos.  Those things that really matter, not jobs and working all the time.  Not pretty dresses and things that are only things.  Mama, remember to come home and practice yoga and meditate and I'll be there to guide you, downward doo.   Mama, remember to keep what's important important.  And to breathe away the other stuff.

Mama, remember my smile when I see you across the park and run over to you smiling widely, my beautiful blond fur flying around in the wind, carefree.  You always loved me that way.  

I will always be your first Love.  Your Angel.