For My Papa, my Soul Mate


Papa, daddy daughter days were best.  Nothing was better than daddy daughter days.  Thank you for taking so many days off to share them with me.  Thank you for understanding me.

Papa, you drove me to daycare everyday, so that I could not be home alone, even though you hate driving and say that you could never drive kids around all day.  I was your girl and you patiently drove me to and from daycare, so I could spend time with other doggies.  Or maybe it was so I would stop eating your books.  Anyway, I found the doggies sort of amusing but they didn't see the world like I do.  I just waited for you to come get me, the best part of the day!

Papa, I know you had plans for us.  We were going to go to beaches in Oregon, just you and me.  But I couldn't wait.  Thank you for petting me to sleep.  One last time.

Papa, I know you were always looking back at me.  Looking over your shoulder, looking in the back seat, petting me in my sleep.  Always making sure I was there, Papa, making sure I didn't leave you. 

Don't you know, Papa?  I would never leave.  

Look up at the sky papa, and you will see me in the rays of sun that come down amongst dark clouds.  Look for me in a song, papa, and know that I'm speaking to you.  Know that I would run fast to you if I ever saw you in Heaven.

I'm your Forever Doo.

Our bond, as expressed by our neighbour, Tessa:

   Hearts are stretchedbeyond comprehension when our loved ones are at risk.  And then there are our Soul Mates.  Lola.

   My heart goes out to you both.  When Mr. and I hear your footsteps
coming down the stairs, we already knew you were coming because Lola¹s tail
would be saluting the full length of the hallway like a drum roll in
greeting. Coming back from your walks, staggering in exhaustion up the front
stairs Mr. McIntosh would already be in full on flirting mode, awaiting the
big brown eyes of Lola.  Strutting his stuff for the gorgeous four legged.

   When you speak of your Sweetheart, your chest swells with pride.  And
Lola, well, she swells with pride right back. You two have a beautiful
connection.  A harmony enhanced with mutual respect for one another.

   You both are in my heart and prayers as together you travel this new
trail, destination yet to be discovered.