The Story of Lola

This is my story.  Written from my viewpoint.  That is to say, the viewpoint of a fuzzy blond goldendoodle.  Doo.. what, you say?  Yep, you heard it right.  I'm a golden-doodle.  Need I spell it out for you?  Take a forever goofy, ball obsessed, smiling golden retriever and take a smart (albeit snobby looking) standard poodle -- and that's me.   

What's that you say?

No, I'm not a mutt.  I call myself a designer dog.

That's right.  MacLean's magazine once had my relatives on the front page, stating that our kind may just be the perfect dog.

I'd say so.  But I'm a bit biased.  And, of course, so are my humans.

So anyway, this is my story.  A story about life.

I hope you learn a thing or two, laugh a bit, and of course, smile a lot.  Because if there's anything that I'm known to do a lot, it's smile.  

And chase red Kong balls.

Oh and I like do treats.